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100% Orange Juice could be mistaken for a random anime-style board game at first, but in reality it's a random anime-style board game acting as a crossover between a bunch of games from developers Orange Juice (who else!?) Smash Brothers-style. The rules can take a little bit of getting used to but tend to make sense once you've picked them up (think Mario Party but instead of stars you have to return to your home panel with a certain amount of currency [...the currency is stars] or kills, and instead of minigames you can just fight anyone you encounter using a simple combat system). From there you can get pretty deep into the strategy, but heavy RNG and 4 players to 1 winner means you're never going to be guaranteed victory. Previous knowledge of the developer/franchises is not required at all to enjoy the game, although it is the best way to get to know more about the characters and some characters are only available as a bonus with their game of origin.

There's also a deckbuilding element: Some things will cause you to draw a card or cards from a central deck which can be used later, and the central deck is made up of four smaller decks shuffled together. Each player brings a smaller deck to the match, so it is essentially built collaboratively by everyone.

The game itself is often 75% off and can be picked up for very cheap as a result, and although most of the characters and cards are locked behind DLC the core experience is still solid. The cards are the most important thing to pick up after the base game and they're priced quite reasonably: if you get the game on sale then you're looking at around $10~$15 AUD for it and all the card pack options. The character packs are a little pricier, but are also entirely optional; the core characters are entirely competent and you can just pick up DLCs which catch your fancy. Some are a little more expensive, but those ones generally come with a single-player campaign (surprisingly fun!) and/or some other perk. If after playing the base game for a bit it seems like something you'd enjoy then I recommend the Game of the Year Every Year Edition: it offers a massive discount on a large selection of characters and the first two card pack DLCs, to the point where it's a solid buy to get into it initially if you're pretty sure that the game for you.

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