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Terraria is more or less what you'd get if you threw Minecraft and Castlevania into a blender. It the freeform terrain modification, craftting emphasis, procedural map generation featuring multiple biomes, and other such Minecraft-style features, but in 2D and with character progression, upgrades, and boss fights you'd be more likely to see in a metroidvania style game. The game is full to bursting with content and there's a vibrant modding community with several mods that arguably more than double what's already there, and the freeform approach a Minecraft-like game offers stapled to the gameplay and progrssion style of your standard 2D metroidvania fare produces a unique mix that ends up as more than the sum of its parts.

Oh, and the wiring system (think redstone but better) is so effective that you can play Bad Apple with it, so that's a plus.

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